Welcome to my Kindle book review Blog



My name is Gill and I am a self confessed e-book “self help book” tragic.
My kindle and I are rarely parted and I download self help books constantly.
I have learnt that amongst the dross there are absolute gems which can change the way one looks at things.
I like to think that I am a prospector searching for the nugget amongst the dust and rubble.
I don’t however want to keep the nugget, I would rather share it and hopefully some of you will share with me.
Not every book is a world view changing Eckhart Tolle but nevertheless there are some real gems.
My kindle home page gives an insight into my wide ranging interest from, Minimalism, Assertiveness,
Neediness, Raw Food Health, Happiness, meditation, mindfulness, Achieving goals, writing and publishing books, Thrift, frugality, fashion, beauty and so on and so on.